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06 Feb 2019 | No Comments

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”  Doug Conant Business Leader, Best-selling Author and Founder, ConantLeadership Winning the workplace is often targeted by the generous bosses and pleasant HR managers in any company. Being pleasant while expediating the work in organizations sometimes come naturally while other times, the management must be strategic […]

12 Oct 2018 | No Comments

Hunting the right talent is the major part of the KRAs for the HR people and it becomes easy with the right recruitment management software. SHRMpro is the perfect HRM recruitment software for different business sizes. It not only finds the right person for a particular skill set but also manages the entire lifecycle of […]

09 Oct 2018 | No Comments

With the advancement of technology, the HR team has so many things to do. They are not only constrained to calculate the attendance and salary of the staff at the end of the month. There is a lot more beyond which these people need to handle. So, the gist is to automate and simplify all […]

01 Oct 2018 | No Comments

The HRM software is ultra-modern to bring the premium features and functionalities within the organization. It renders companies an easy to pick only those filtered traits which they need the most. When it comes to streamlining different HR operations, an HRMS system is the perfect fit for every business. You only need to pick the […]

25 Sep 2018 | No Comments

If a company is following a streamlined process through refined recruitment management software, it becomes effortless to run the hiring process within a company. It covers all nook and corner from tracking vacancies, identifying potential candidates, scheduling interviews and joining after final selection. With the advent of technology, HR is blooming towards automation along with […]

21 Sep 2018 | No Comments

Payroll management is the crucial aspect of an HRMS software system. The reason is, employees of an organization will not be managed well till their salary is secure under a managed system. This is what a payroll management system does by streamlining all the records related to employees pay. Security is the best part while […]

21 Sep 2018 | No Comments

Facing challenges in maintaining the HR activities of your company? Pick a recruitment management software and automate your HR efforts where you can find the right talent and onboard it for smooth functioning. Recruitment always remains the vanguard of an HRMS system as it manages the entire process of hiring a candidate within an organization. […]

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