Evolution of HRMS - Overview
  • By: Ankit Srivastava
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July 9, 2019
HRMS software has brought in a wave of transformation for organizations across industries since its inception in the 1970s and its open acceptance has been globally phenomenal. While at one hand, automation has done wonders to streamline the HR processes and ease the HR teams at working more efficiently, the adoption of technology into their organizational structure on the other hand has allowed the companies to liberate themselves from manual exertion of recruitment through paper work and dedicated resources spent on the same.

HRMS software have been in existence for over four decades having successfully evolved and seamlessly infusing elements such as integration, compliance, stability, efficiency with ease of working, hence eliminating unnecessary documentation troubles while keeping things quick and sorted. Modern HRMS solutions such as SHRMpro are dedicated to help organizations excel at every stage including HR management- from hiring-to-retiring of every employee.

SHRMpro intricately yet comprehensively covers all the HR processes and makes them accessible on a single screen with a no-nonsense, clutter-free dashboard. Processes are systematically organized from the start of an employee’s tenure in the organization till the exit process covering a full range of modules and features:  Recruitment, Onboarding, Attendance and Leaves, Payroll, Performance, Appraisal, Compliance, Integration, Reports generation, approvals, task management, rosters, exit management and a lot more to reckon with.

Evolutions of HRMS        

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