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Attendance Management

Forget long turnaround time for leave applications and approvals with SHRMpro enabled swifter operations to manage employee leaves. For an irksome task of employees’ leaves administration and integration with other data, SHRMpro brings you the best way to get rid of this mess with just a few clicks.

HRMS- Get- Set- Sorted.

SHRMpro ensures a streamlined attendance management software for all industries and organisations of mid-to-large sizes, giving impetus to a structural performance without any loop-holes.


  • Quick-to-run leave application
  • Quick turnaround time for leave approval response
  • Detailed month-wise holiday list and leave summary
  • Easy leave and holiday tracking for employees
  • Automatic notification and approval
  • Customisation as per the requisites
  • Alignment with the payroll software
  • Adjustments in rosters

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Attendance Management Software is a digital solution designed to streamline and automate the process of tracking and managing employee attendance. It replaces manual attendance registers or punch cards with a digital system, making attendance management more accurate, efficient, and convenient. The software works by capturing attendance data through various methods such as biometric devices, RFID cards, or mobile applications. It then stores and processes this data, allowing employers to easily monitor attendance, generate reports, and calculate employee work hours.

Important information:

  • Attendance Management Software automates attendance tracking and management processes.
  • It replaces manual methods with digital systems for increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • The software captures attendance data through biometric devices, RFID cards, or mobile apps.

Using Attendance Management Software offers several advantages for organizations. Some key benefits include:

Enhanced Accuracy: Manual attendance tracking is prone to errors and manipulations. With software, attendance data is captured digitally, eliminating the possibility of errors caused by human factors.

Time and Cost Savings: Automating attendance management saves significant time and resources for HR departments. The software automates tasks such as data entry, report generation, and leave calculations, reducing administrative burden.

Improved Efficiency: Attendance Management Software provides real-time data on employee attendance, enabling quick decision-making and effective workforce management. It also eliminates the need for manual processes like paper-based leave applications.

Important information:

  • Attendance Management Software enhances accuracy in attendance tracking.
  • It saves time and costs for HR departments.
  • The software improves efficiency by providing real-time attendance data.

When choosing an Attendance Management Software, it is important to consider the following key features:

Biometric Integration: Look for software that supports integration with biometric devices such as fingerprint or facial recognition systems. This ensures accurate and secure attendance capture.

Leave Management: The software should have a comprehensive leave management module that allows employees to request leaves, tracks leave balances, and manages leave approvals.
Reporting and Analytics: Ensure that the software provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities. It should generate customized reports on attendance, absences, late arrivals, and other relevant metrics.

Important information:

  • Look for software with biometric integration for accurate attendance capture.
  • Ensure the software has a comprehensive leave management module.
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities are essential for monitoring attendance and generating insights.

Yes, Attendance Management Software is designed to comply with labor laws in India. The software enables organizations to effectively manage attendance, leave policies, and overtime calculations in accordance with the applicable labor regulations. It ensures transparency, accuracy, and adherence to legal requirements.

Important information:

  • Attendance Management Software is compliant with labor laws in India.
  • It helps organizations manage attendance and leave policies within legal frameworks.
  • The software ensures transparency and accuracy in compliance with labor regulations.

Attendance Management Software offers several advantages specifically tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs):
Scalability: The software can accommodate the growing needs of SMBs. It can handle an increasing number of employees and provide room for expansion without compromising efficiency.

Cost-Effectiveness: SMBs often have limited resources, and manual attendance management can be time-consuming and error-prone. The software helps SMBs save costs by automating processes and reducing administrative workload.

Employee Productivity: By accurately tracking attendance and managing leaves, SMBs can ensure better workforce planning, minimize absenteeism, and improve overall employee productivity.

Important information:

  • Attendance Management Software is scalable and suitable for SMBs.
  • It helps SMBs save costs by automating attendance management processes.
  • The software improves employee productivity through accurate attendance tracking.