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SHRMpro: A Perfect Human Resource Management Solution

SHRMpro is the best HRM software that helps businesses manage their HR processes in a streamlined manner. It not only manages data from different divisions into a single head but also automates all the HR activities to save your time and effort.

Entire employee lifecycle has been captured via our HRM software from his interview, joining, on-boarding to allocating assets, performance review, managing expenses, and exit management with the full and final settlement. The result is employee satisfaction and reduced human bias while maintaining accuracy.

The USP of SHRMpro can be seen in its availability as the On-Cloud & On-Premise HRM Software. As per your business needs, you can decide if a cloud storage serves you desired results or an on-premise is the only savior. The SaaS-based on-cloud HRM software gives you the ease of installation, updates, and maintenance for improved business productivity.

Striking Elements of SHRMpro

Payroll System

The Payroll management system of SHRMpro is dynamic enough and follows dual approval concept based on maker and checker rule to avoid any error.
With accurate one-click results, you have the ease to generate automated payslips.
Preview payroll option to avoid any error
Slab allocation as per CTC and tax computation.

Employee Self-services

With SHRMpro, employees have direct access to their personal data including payroll details or number of leaves in a month.
Our employee self-service management helps in creating better communication within the department.

Recruitment Management

SHRMpro follows a streamlined recruitment process that controls everything from creating online requisitions to finding the right talent for allocation.
It also allows the efficient on-boarding process of employees via different portals.
With our recruitment management software, the candidate can book the suitable slot for the interview.
SHRMpro allows the finest screening for candidate evaluation with a transparent and interactive interface.

Performance Review

N-level hierarchy with self-assessment feature
It is easy to define clear goals and objectives
A unified process followed from defining KRAs to review ratings

5. Manager’s Dashboard

Summary of overall attendance statistics to track team productivity
Work dashboard for access to the managers about their team details to control all kind of approvals.

6. Geo-location Tracking

Our proactive human resource management solution adds value due to its ability to track real-time location and time.
It allows hassle-free attendance process by mobile devices and quick time-sheet creation.

7. Compatibility With iOS and Android

The best part of using SHRMpro is its convenience to be used anytime, anywhere and from any device.
Our HR management solution gives reliable support to the iOS and Android devices to connect employees to the workplace even when they are outside.

8. Notifications For Multiple Events

SHRMpro comes packed with the inbuilt feature to give quick updates for any HR activity.
Being the best HRM software, SHRMpro enhances easy workflow for better productivity of your business.
You can set alerts for key events accordingly to manage your scheduled tasks.

9. Leave and Attendance Management

Our human resource management solution supports seamless integration with the biometric systems with easy import and export.
The quick view of attendance summary with correction as and when required.
Quick-to-run leaves application with automatic notification and approval.
Turn around time set for leave approval response.

10. Expense Management

SHRMpro allows easy allocation of the expense policies to the employees.
With multi-level approval and notification, claim submission is automated for easy reimbursement.
Our HRM software set limits in expenses.

11. Exit Management

SHRMpro allows workflow based exit process where notifications for resignation request is made to send to the reporting hierarchy.
All the status updates are given to the managers and department heads.
It also allows no dues clearance on resignation approval.
Full and final settlement report of an employee is generated after he leaves.

Why SHRMpro

SHRMpro is the best HRM software for different businesses as it automates all the HR activities in a streamlined way.
As a quality On Cloud & On-Premise HRM Software, SHRMpro gives an easy to manage data of all the employees from different departments.
One-touch employee self-service to get all the details of an employee on a single click
Streamlined recruitment management covering all the aspects from shortlisting, interviewing, hiring an employee to the on-boarding process.
Configurable and customizable payroll management system with preview option available before the final run.

Automate & Simplify Your HR Operations

all modules

Dynamic Payroll System

  • Maker- Checker/ dual approval concept
  • Automated payslips
  • Accurate one-click results
Dynamic Dashboard
Sales Target with Pipeline

Employee Self-services to Save Time

  • Employee’s access to their personal data
  • Ease to monitor leaves
  • Better communication within the department

Manager’s Dashboard

  • Manager’s access to team details to control approvals
  • Track performance review
  • Summary of overall attendance statistics
social media

Geolocation Attendance

  • Attendance by mobile devices
  • Follow Real-time location and time
  • Create timesheets with ease

Streamlined Recruitment

  • Create online requisitions
  • Right talent allocation
  • On-boarding process through different portals
Streamlined Recruitment
Notification Reminders for Each Event

Notification /Reminders for Each Event

  • Set alerts for key events
  • Updates for any HR activity
  • Easy workflow for better productivity

Mobility for iOS and Android

  • Anytime anywhere data access
  • Connect to workplace while staying outside
  • Manage timesheets/review requests
Available on Android & iOS
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