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SHRMpro is what Human Resourcing dreams are made of!

Fully integrated end-to-end HR solution to boost your workforce management.

Human Resourcing
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Speed-up Your Application Tracking & Recruitment

Smart Application Tracking System for enhanced candidate experience, resume parsing, and more.

Application Tracking & Recruitment
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We partner for Innovation
in Organisation

Providing on-cloud fully integrated HRMS solution.

Innovation in Organisation
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Mobility made wonderful
with a cool Mobile App!

Mobile app for easy biometric attendance with location and geotracking.

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SHRMpro is what Human Resourcing dreams are made of!

Integrating with jobsites for recruitments; churning data on immediate basis.

Human Resourcing dreams

3 Ds of SHRMpro


Dynamic Dashboard

Users get the desired information on a single screen with multiple dashlets; allowing them to choose which information to access based on their designation.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic Reports

Users can generate any type of reports based on the modules present in the HRMS software like summary reports, matrix reports, etc.

Dynamic Workflow

Dynamic Workflow

Users are allowed to choose the way they operate and secure information with both Cloud based and On-premise implementation with dedicated backend support.

Our Master Features

Humans are already complex, your HRMS Solution need not be.
Aligning Processes for Faster, Efficient and Hassle-free operations with SHRMpro.

Recruitment Management
Recruitment Management

Application Tracking System (ATS)

A smoother cloud-based SaaS ATS that enables you to engage and retain more suitable candidates. Ergo, Hiring Made Easy!

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Create Online Requisitions
  • Suitable Interview Slot Booking by Candidate
  • Digital On-boarding Process
  • Alignment with Job Sites

Recruitment Management
Recruitment Management

Performance Management

Performance management aims to attain personal and corporate goals by monitoring and measuring employees, departments, and the organisation’s all-round performance for the desired tenure.

  • 360° Dynamic Feedback
  • A 9-box Performance Review
  • The N-level hierarchy for review
  • Defining KRAs for review ratings/ KRA & KPI Configuration
  • Reports and Analytics

Employee Management
Employee Management

Employee Management

Welcome to the world of innovative employee management with SHRMpro! This takes the load off the HR team and makes the HRMS more efficient. Your HR team’s one stop shop.

  • Easy employee records tracking from hire-to-retire
  • Paperless and more organised
  • Fully compliant
  • Mobile app accessible
  • Swift alerts and notifications

Timesheet Management
Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management

Keeping a track of time while working on multiple projects can be excruciatingly confusing, just as much as it is tedious. Hence, the SHRMpro Timesheets.

  • Quickly track billable hours, even overtime hours
  • Team members can add their activities
  • Easy managers approval flow
  • E-mail notifications and alerts
  • Generate consolidated reports for payroll

Training Management
Training Management

Training Management

Training management by SHRMpro optimises employee output, reduces performance risk, and enhances over all engagement.

  • Reduced training costs
  • Paperless management
  • Track and monitor training status
  • Automated training and workflow
  • Training alerts and reminders

All Features

Aligning Processes for Faster, Efficient and Hassle-free operations with SHRMpro.

On-boarding Management

Onboarding Management

This tool follows a paperless, seamless, and hassle-free onboarding process to let you complete the essential paperwork more efficiently,

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESSentially it’s all about empowering the employee. Any employee works twice as better when rewarded right. One way to reward is regard each employee’s

Manager Dashboard

Manager Self Service (MSS)

When you can manage the team virtually that translates into real target accomplishments, what’s more exciting for the business?..

Leave Management

Attendance Management

Forget long turnaround time for leave applications and approvals with SHRMpro enabled swifter operation to manage employee leaves…

Attendance Management

Time Management

Experience error-free, dynamic and holistic time management with employees attendance integration with SHRMpro…

Delegation Management

Delegation Management

Task and duty assignment is an essential task for managers across industries and a highly responsible one at that. Businesses progress only with the right…

Task Management

Task Management

Depending on sticky notes to create a list of things to do is a legit waste of time when you can create task lists and monitor them with

Claim and Reimbursement

Expense Management

Pending claims and bills, employees hyping over compensation, long list of bills to be sorted? Not an admiring sight for a well-organised office.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Humans as resources are two biggest assets to any organization. Operating in the absence of physical resources is a challenge and maintaining the assets’

Exit Management

Offboarding Management

It’s time to bid adieu to an employee? SHRMpro automates a round of dizzying paper work and financial processing for you.

Reports Management


Creating reports doesn’t sound fun. It isn’t. SHRMpro does that too for you- It’s all about simplifying the cumbersome work, eliminating paperwork…

Approval Process

Approval Process

We understand that bosses are difficult to run after for every big or small approval hence, the need for Approval management system. Between office work,

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Mobility for iOS and Android

Making application synonymous with accessibility for smart workers, smart organizations. The world is more connected today than ever, thanks to the mobile phone technology. Most people are addicted to their smartphones today and a huge mobile storage is consumed by mobile applications.



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