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Depending on sticky notes to create a list of things to do is a legit waste of time when you can create task lists and monitor them with a stipulated time through SHRMpro. Organising your task list through emails and apps is also a redundant activity. We offer you the facility to create task lists and manage your time taken on tasks much better than ever before.

We know there’s a lot on your work platter and arranging tasks according to priority is the priority! Hence, we bring to you the task management module within SHRMpro to allow you to just create a task, select the time to be taken, and just get going with it.

The tasks or simply- the ‘to-do’ list will be visible on the user dashboard and can be monitored and tweaked by a superior like a manager or a team leader in case there’s any change in the time allocation. You can rank tasks as per the priority levels and meet set deadlines faster. Not only does this module take care of your tasks; it also sends notifications for new set tasks and the completed tasks. The user can share files, feedbacks, and create a sort of knowledge pool for other participants to benefit from.


Benefits of Task Management module-

  • Tasks list automation; monitors and optimises employee performance
  • Tasks put together with simplification hence time saved
  • Prioritise your tasks thus building user’s focus on the task at hand
  • Increases work efficiency
  • Improves collaboration of teammates and managers