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Mobile Application

Making application synonymous with accessibility for smart workers, smart organizations.

The world is more connected today than ever, thanks to the mobile phone technology. Most people are addicted to their smartphones today and a huge mobile storage is consumed by mobile applications. Making phone calls are not considered the most important feature anymore; it’s the ability to take good quality pictures and access applications. Since networking and connectivity are the real game changers, why not pivot them for HR?

HRMS becomes more handy and accessible with mobile application; an extension of SHRMpro for employees on the go. It’s a concise version of the HRMS solution that offers a fully integrated, cloud compatible, encrypted application process for smoother functioning. The mobile version for HRMS is a multifaceted facility allowing functionality at both employee and managerial levels.

Employees and managers can access their dashboard, apply for leaves, mark attendance, perform geo-attendance, access and avail claims and reimbursements, check assets, and keep an eye on other itinerary. What’s more? It offers an impressive interface for a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. SHRMpro Mobile app is designed to foster better employee-organization connectivity with data integrity at its core, enhancing performance holistically.

You use it once; you want to use it always. Making HRMS mobility a cool concept for tech savvy employees!

  • Mobility for iOS and Android devices
  • Easy access anytime anywhere
  • Connect to workplace even when outside
  • One touch Geo-attendance; no biometric hassles
  • Quick notification and reminder alerts
  • Finger-print authentication
  • Voice-driven services
  • Impressive Interface; User-friendly design
  • Low-data and memory consumption; No Device-hang-ups
  • Offline mode compatibility