Employee Management

Facial Recognition Time Mechanism (FRTM)

Facial Recognition Time Mechanism (FRTM)

SHRMpro helps in eliminating the old-school Attendance Registry methods used in the organisations and modernises the workplace through automation. Our cool new feature of FRTM allows the employees to mark their attendance through the facial recognition technology. It is a new-age attendance mechanism and is one of the most sought after a real-time attendance management solution appreciated and accepted by organisations globally.

The technology is also pertinent during the pandemic like Coronavirus as it integrates with the time management feature of the HRMS and enables the employees to mark attendance at entry and exit points without having to touch the biometric machine or sign any registers.


How FRTM Works for Offices


Device Captures Employee Facial Impressions -> Scanned Images Stored in a Secure Database -> Info Mapped into a Face Coordinate Structure -> Registers the Face -> Matched Face is Ready for all Future Check-in/Check-out

For the organisations supporting work-from-home or remote working format, SHRMpro FRTM also makes it possible for the management to monitor the employees’ active working hours and availability. Ergo, no false attendance.


How FRTM Works in Remote Working

Camera Launches at the Day Start and Day End -> Employee’s Face Identified -> Camera Keeps Identifying the Employee Face -> Hours Calculated at Day’s End for the Active Working Hours


Benefits of FRTM


  • Secure, Real-time Attendance & Tracking
  • Contact-less Attendance
  • Error-free & Accurate
  • Eliminating Biometric Fingerprint
  • Seamless Integration with the System
  • Improved Safety
  • High-speed Facial Recognition
  • No Entry Gate Crowding
  • Geotagging through Mobile Phone-based FR
  • Multiple Face Detection & Recognition in One Go
  • Reduced Excessive Hardware Across Multiple Locations
  • Auto Attendance Linked to Compulsory Presence in Locations
  • Low-cost Solution
  • Easy Login-Log-out Reports
  • Ideal for Remote Working
  • COVID-safe