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Payroll Management

Do more than just paying salaries with SHRMpro – Your Ultimate Payroll Manager!
With SHRMpro Payroll system software, you get all the advantages of an automated payroll system rolled into one without having to scratch your head. With just a few clicks, you can now manage payroll, instantly disburse salaries, and make TDS payments. Focus on what matters more to your company while SHRMpro keeps an eye on payroll and compliance.

Few-clicks process, fully automated, easy to switch from your current HRMS to SHRMpro
Paying salary to your employees should not take too long; instead, it should be done in a jiffy! For that to happen, payroll automation is the way to go! Its seamless integration with other HRMS systems like Leave and Attendance, Roster, Reimbursements, Exit process and Assets management makes this business solution a comprehensive system and essentially ideal for intelligent business operators.

Seamless Integration with other modules
The simplified and sensible interface makes it super-handy to manage and use, designed for a user-friendly experience, with all the payroll activities are consolidated and presented on a single-screen.

Single-screen payroll
SHRMpro is an all-inclusive and a robust payroll management system software which manages complex company payrolls in the most comprehensive way. In essence, the module is extremely generous as a time-saving, paperless method to accomplish an error-free payroll management system. Through automation of data metrics, SHRMpro lets your HR department dynamically adjust to the company size, structure and statutory compliances.

Time saving, simplified, paperless, error-free, all size adjustable, compliance friendly.
We understand the ground realities of payroll and how tedious and challenging it can be. SHRMpro ensures a streamlined Payroll management system for all industries and organizations of mid to large sizes, giving impetus to a structural performance without any loop-holes.

Payroll Compliance: ESI, PF, Professional Tax, Labor Welfare Fund
Tax computation and deduction is a mammoth task for the HR team to execute with every salary and is an equally massive challenge for the employee to understand and concur with their tax calculations. SHRMpro’s payroll system software champions at simplifying the complexities of taxes for both HR and the employees for clearer and better understanding. Income tax, TDS, PF, ESI, employee Loans and EMIs, travel and miscellaneous allowances, tax exemptions, rents and insurances, etc. are all computed and placed in government compliance and put together with such clarity that ambiguity will not arise. Should there be query whole handling, the accessible backend help is available dedicatedly for an ultimate user experience.

Zero ambiguity with always accessible backend support.

  • Maker and Checker Concept
  • Slab Allocation as per CTC
  • Tax Computation
  • Preview Payroll Before Final Run
  • Automated Pay Slips
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Configure and Customizable


Payroll and HR Software services offer a solution that streamlines and manages your company’s payroll processing and operations, as well as any other Human Resources-related issues like talent management and/or perks.

SHRMpro is one of the top payroll solutions for all sorts of enterprises. It provides a full-fledged solution for automating employee payroll processing, as well as creating payslips and bank reconciliation reports.

Payroll processing may be complicated, and if you’re handling it for the first time, you should seek for an expert before you begin.

  • Here are 8 simple to steps to follow:
  • Find your Employer Identification Number
  • Collect Employee Tax information
  • Choose a Payroll Schedule
  • Calculate Gross Pay
  • Determine deductions, allowances and other withholdings
  • Calculate Net Pay and pay your employees
  • Keep Payroll records and adjust to rectify mistakes
  • Withhold, report and pay Payroll taxes

The significance of having a good payroll software system cannot be overstated. Employee productivity has increased dramatically in all organisations that have embraced payroll software. SHRMpro is the finest Payroll Management Software because of its vast functionalities that are suitable for both large and small businesses.