Delegation Management
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Delegation Management

Task and duty assignment is an essential task for managers across industries and a highly responsible one at that. Businesses progress only with the right resources delegated at right profiles and at the right time. Seeing that scope in an employee is manager’s discretion but executing the same is done best with this insightful solution. It unloads the managers with this responsibility and enables them to manage their task before hand for a smoother flow of operations yielding desired results. SHRMpro ensures a streamlined Delegation management system for all industries and organizations of mid to large sizes, giving impetus to a structural performance without any loop-holes.
SHRMpro- Going for the skill!
  • Assigning task to a specific employee or team
  • Manages multiple team delegations
  • Manages teams of all sizes
  • Keeps the team on track
  • Inserts temporary and permanent delegation
  • Proactive workflow even if someone is on leave
  • Easy responses on assignment delegation
  • Easy changes on delegation sheet for the assigning authority