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Manager’s Dashboard

When you can manage the team virtually that translates into real target accomplishments, what’s more exciting for the business? Customization+ Integration+ Adaptability+ Real-time Data+ Security+ Enhanced Communication+ One Platform= Competitive Advantage With easy access to Managers to view their teams’ performance is a master stroke in upping the ante in the leadership spirit. This change many dynamics, starting from encouraging the teams to stay focused and enables managers to stay aware of every step taken by their protégés.
SHRMpro Manager’s Dashboard is a unified location for the managers to access, interact and evaluate updated team’s performance to manage teams smartly and take data-driven work calls based on Key Performing Indicators (KPI) with the help of real-time data. SHRMpro allows the managers to monitor and measure team performance in a consolidated view with 360 degree information access of the resources on the team. Dynamic manager’s dashboard adds competitive streak to your business growth as it aligns the data with your tenured goals to drive smarter resource behavior along with enhanced communication and collaboration; yielding improved business results. A customizable dashboard for managers, an impressive UI, swift data analysis and over whelming amount of data to take decisions is how SHRMpro integrates technology with Business Intelligence to make the workflow more lucrative and hassle-free at managerial levels. Easy to install, highly functional dashboard is a method for scalability of progress that runs in integration with other applications of your HRMS. SHRMpro Manager’s Dashboard allows doing tough jobs very seriously only with superior quality!
  • Cloud based Dashboard with easy-to-scan display
  • Steep Learning Curve for Managers to take decisions
  • Manager’s access to team for easy approvals
  • Easy project and meetings updates
  • Performance, milestone achievement and review tracking
  • Overall attendance statistics
  • Comments Section for individual-to-team review