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Performance Management

Technology-driven leap of faith measuring performance of expanding organizations.

In pursuit of development, organizations measure employee performances and lay down a progress plan for improvement. Performance management system is aimed at attaining personal and corporate goals by monitoring and measuring employees’, departments’ and the organization’s all-round performance for the desired tenure. The process is a huge responsibility for the HR department and managers alike. Identifying the right degree of performance at any level is integral to the holistic development; SHRMpro automates the process of performance management through data metrics gathered from several sources within the HRMS and quantifies the performance allowing HR and the management for further strategies.

SHRMpro is designed to help HR teams map employees’ performance and encourage them for high performance in the corporate culture. This is made possible with automated configuration and defining of KRAs for various roles and positions, with active notifications to the new assignees. Reviewing performances becomes an unrealistic goal to materialize by appraisal time. SHRMpro has made it simple, faster yielding more productive reviews with streamlined Q&A on a single screen, making them more comprehensive, attractive, and engaging yet practical.

Automatic and adjustable reminders and alerts are a key feature that helps in timely participation of the employees and managers in the assessment process.

Engaging Employees to take a leap of faith that’s accomplishment personified

It takes two to make a thing go right! HR managers know that any employee failure is directly their failure hence the relentless support to perform better. SHRMpro bridges the gaps by establishing coherent communication for effective talent management by setting up goals, defining goals weightage, sharing goals with the employees and allowing employee self-rating, giving a clear picture of where the discrepancies are and how they can be cemented. This also helps managers identify progressive employees and the ones who need to be reprimanded by comparing performance results. This also helps identifying the underdogs who need urgent motivation and appreciation.

Collaboration for common goals made impressively possible

Feedbacks actually work like magic for dedicated employees, also for the ones who procrastinate. Experts believe that more than half the workforce likes to know how they’re performing from time-to-time than through a random blow. SHRMpro allows the performance enhancement with a unified, central platform where both managers and their teams can discuss their common goals, feedback which includes an N-level hierarchy for review. This process decreases the time taken on external discussions and allows a smart goal progression. More importantly, SHRMpro allows a versatile feedback format expanding from 180° to a whopping 360° according to the business requirement. While assessments are considered confidential information, data security is integral to SHRMpro.

While we help you grow, might as well help you grow better, faster and with safety.

Performance Data Streamlined- Simplified- Redefined

Assessment stands meaningless without a proper report card with defined areas of improvement or depreciation. SHRMpro takes care of the crests and troughs of the assessment reports based on the data captured in various verticals for every employee and formulate one comprehensive annual or half yearly report. Managers’ nightmares can turn into a smooth ride with the easy ratings process which allows them to rate employees and team members due for appraisal.

Widen horizons, assess beyond employees

Performance management is not always limited to mapping and rating just the employees. SHRMpro lets the HR team determine company’s over-all rate of development based on the analysis of all the participants not as individuals but as teams and departments. It enables a consolidated approach to analyze the company’s performance. It works as a common platform for HR managers to share the report to gain employee feedback, discuss the future targets, compare organizational appraisals over time, etc. and walk together on the road to success.

  • N-level hierarchy for review
  • Self-assessment
  • Define clear goals and objectives/ Determine goals and where to focus skill development
  • 180- 360° Dynamic Feedback
  • Unified process from defining KRAs for review ratings/ KRA & KPI Configuration
  • Eliminating theoretical and practical misunderstandings and ambiguity
  • Monitoring and tracking resource performance
  • Transparency among hierarchies
  • Managers spend less time micro-managing employees
  • Employees enjoy greater autonomy (self-ratings)
  • Employees are motivated to improve their performance; understand their job responsibilities
  • Fair administrative actions
  • Building a global leadership pipeline
  • Assessment year creation
  • Complete Assessment workflow through ESS – Appraise, Appraiser & Reviewer
  • Provision for Admin to do assessment through admin login
  • Provision for Goals & objectives import
  • Team assessment through MSS
  • To Do List for PMS goals pending & Assessment pending