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About SHRMpro

  Simplifying HRMS with greater Business Intelligence Moving way beyond Papers and Spreadsheets SHRMpro is a technological marvel, a SAAS based model designed to facilitate functional ease to the Human Resources Team of enterprises across industries. This product is cloud based HRMS solution which works as a support system aimed at seamlessly managing an entire gamut of workforce management processes which can be tedious to perform physically. It aggressively promotes a simplified work culture among the HR teams to operate in synchronization with user-friendly technology to obtain and manage information in real-time. Versatility personified, we are strong in our ambition, constantly striving for perfection; we deliver intelligent technology that stays.

The Genesis

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With the ambition to succeed, navigate and lead the technology sphere, Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd was incorporated in the year 1996. Parent company to SHRMpro, Sphinx Worldbiz in over two decades of achieving and providing excellence- has witnessed unprecedented growth in all verticals, spearheaded by its IT division. Preferred as a reputed IT solution & services provider worldwide, the division maintains a track record of delivering exceptional, intelligent and cost effective IT solutions. The group has achieved total financial stability and is growing leaps and bounds solely based on internally generated funds. SHRMpro began as an idea that blossomed well and was nurtured to blend into the changing realities of India Inc. We are a fully integrated product that is designed in congruence to the need of the hour- to automate the Human Resources Sector in India. We believe in moving with the time, a true-blue supporter of the Digital India and Make in India initiatives, we realized how urgently and deeply Indian HR sector needed and still does to be streamlined and thus began our journey to put automation and intelligence in mainstreaming HRMS. We offer a multi-lateral and dynamic software, a SaaS based product that believes in simplifying the complexities of organization of all scales and strengthen them additionally with our outstanding and dedicated support.

Meet The Team

Despite being a new kid on the block, SHRMpro has made a name for itself for its reliability and usability. We do that because we care and understand the HR sector’s pain-points and cater in customization as we follow ‘to each; his own’ rule. This often creates buzz in the industry and people want to know what made this possible- it’s our heroes, the real force behind SHRMpro, the team. Our strength is an exceptionally dedicated, talented and enthusiastic mix of developers, business analysts, business experts who keep the wheel rolling. Meet them:

The Torchbearers of


Our Forte

We’re more than just Software- We’re Software as a Service.

The parent company Sphinx Worldbiz is known for flawless project development and deployment record over the years. It performs as technology partner with many software product companies globally. Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd is an ISO 9001: 20008 & ISO 27001:2005 certified group for its processes. We are an India-based IT Solutions & Services provider that offers customized applications, mobility, E-Commerce portals, ERP solutions, software migration, systems integration and a host of other IT service needs of clients across verticals to its global clients. With its indigenous enterprise products that include HRMS, CRM and Contract Management, we bring core expertise in developing turnkey projects to cater to clients from a range of industries including Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Sports, Automobile, Banking & Finance, Petroleum & Energy, and Government Institutions and Educational set-ups across USA, the Caribbean, Europe & India markets. We value team spirit and follow the same in every project we take and deliver excellence to every customer we cater to. The team that made SHRMpro possible is manned by qualified software professionals who are extraordinary thinkers, market analysts who are highly observant problem solvers and go-getters. Our exposure to markets across the USA, the Caribbean, India and Europe has leveraged the competencies of our team to meet every critical and unique IT solution demanded by our global clientele. With SHRMpro we have attained expertise in identifying and rectifying all the possible discrepancies in the HR departments across industries of enormously varying sizes. Our dynamic product- SHRMpro is a SaaS based product, available both on Cloud and On-premise setups, is ideal for a broad spectrum of industries encompassing all verticals and horizontals. SHRMpro is designed to bring tranquility and continuity to a messed up HR management systems in organizations. We are capable of integrating all the HRMS process, even with a company’s currently used HRMS and operate smartly to deliver an outstanding user-experience. SHRMpro is a Human Resource Software with more than just a Heart. It has a proactive Brain too!

Our Mission & Vision

Easy Solutions to Complex HR Problems- As the phrase suggests, our mission is simple and the vision is clear. It is to be the catalyst of change, a disruptive innovator in automating HR processes and streamline the HRMS workflow that enhances efficiency and speed, without any discrepancies. We have come a long way in achieving to help organizations put an end to the mundane and tedious job of manually feeding data all the time, maintaining regular logs of attendance, banging their heads processing payroll, wrapping their head around trainings along with other HR related tasks. Our stakes are as high as they can be for we aim to achieve 100% process automation in the HR sector and help companies develop and keep up with the times by using SHRMpro for hassle-free and paper-free HR processes. Our passion is “Customer delight” and we strive for the same because we understand the value of Humans in Human Resources. We envision attaining our aim with leadership by building domain specific competency centers, developing solutions, set up and use world class infrastructure, implement requisite certifications, methods & processes for our esteemed customer’s business sustenance and growth. We aspire to be recognized as a leader in quality & values.