Employee Self Service (ESS)
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Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESSentially it’s all about empowering the employee.

Any employee works twice as better when rewarded right. One way to reward is regard each employee’s integrity with access to their data and help them be a part of the system. SHRMpro allows employees direct involvement with ESS module in real-time. Now every employee can access apply their leaves, attendance, log time, access company-wide directories for communication, and watch their payroll based information at the click of a button. A whole host of other activities can be performed on SHRMpro ESS- this leads to direct communication, personal involvement, better transparency and that’s how we empower.

The state-of-the-art facility allows every employee to manage their dashboards, organize and re-organize their information to update the organization. ESS dynamically helps in altering and modifying their personal, official and often sensitive details online including contact info, bank account details for salary. Look and download payslips or salary statements, upload various documents to keep the organization up-to-date.

In congruence with the Digital India movement, organizations are becoming smarter by adopting digitization in employee management. Going paperless is one way to honor the initiative.

Besides, there are several advantages to benefit from-

  • Being environment- friendly
  • Dynamic & smart working approach
  • Time saved is time earned
  • Increased productivity
  • Unburdening the HR with far less cost to company at stake

A charismatic tool like ESS offers value adds to the company and the brand that is. Workers appreciate a digitally driven company for the thrill and challenge that enables them to learn and use something new each day, ultimately creating a user-friendly experience.

  • Employee’s every detail under one head-
  • Employees can view and update personal info
  • Tracking of time with digital time cards
  • Transparency in the entire system with paperless payroll
  • Better communication- HR documents can be shared with employees
  • View and download official documents
  • Integration between ESS software and Payroll software
  • Employees have 24*7 Access to their information
  • User-friendly for recordkeeping