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Creating reports doesn’t sound fun. It isn’t. SHRMpro makes this pesky task easy for you with paperless and automated reports generation. SHRMpro Reports Management module is aimed at eliminating data dependency on other source thus enhances output efficiency.

SHRMpro covers an array of reports formation from internal company reports to financial reports across industries. It allows you to create comprehensive and detailed reports by data-capturing to create reports on ongoing or forthcoming projects, major financial events, and create corporate events reports. It also works on annual reports, leave and attendance reports, recruitments & resignations, outdoor duty reports, estimate company projections, and much more.

This feature allows creating dynamic and functional reports with data navigated from various sources and collaborated for scalability, qualitative and quantitative analysis for data-driven decisions. It also lets you create reports through integration with other HRMS applications for data consolidation. SHRMpro pays special attention to integrity of the information as part of its Reports Management.

SHRMpro ensures a streamlined Reports management system for all industries and organisations of mid to large sizes, giving impetus to a structural performance without any loop-holes.

  • Enterprising and electronically captured reports
  • Static and dynamic report creation as per industry requirements
  • Extra protection for data security
  • Comprehensive reports storage
  • Easily accessible reports from anywhere
  • Convenient and impressive paperless web reports
  • Sorted data in minutes
  • Bid adieu to manual data gathering