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Onboarding Management

Do you aim to create great first days for the new recruits? SHRMpro Onboarding lets you do that- always make a great first impression with great first days for all your new hires. This tool follows a paperless, seamless, and hassle-free onboarding process to let you complete the essential paperwork more efficiently, adding meaningful introductions to the new newbie’s journey through the organisation. You can assign tasks to new employees that help them adjust to the nee environment, at their own pace. From an uncomplex workflow builder, a streamlined process automation to reporting of the status report of new onboarding, SHRMpro has it all.

If an impeccably organised onboarding management is what you seek- we provide! SHRMpro consists of a three-step onboarding process, from new hire enlisting and onboarding initiation to onboarding completion:

Pre-onboarding | New Hire | Post-onboarding


  • Pre-induction documentation
  • System generated URL to upload documents before joining
  • Paperless documentation
  • Stop, reinitiate, or hold any candidate
  • Alerts and notifications


New Hire

  • Automatic data conversion from candidacy to a new employee
  • Single click, seamless data transition
  • Hassle-free process



  • Tasks defined to the relevant department to allot employee its occupational assets and infrastructure
  • Setting timelines for each task
  • Alerts and notifications for allotting and completing tasks

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