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Experience a unified platform that brings the business owners, the HRs and the employees a great hire-to-retire solution through process automation and AI. SHRMpro, the best-in-class Human Resource Management Software, brings you scintillating features that enhance employee experience and helps your business to scale in their journey.


Handholding You at Every Step of the Way

What sets us apart from the host of Human Resource Management Software in the market today is our exceptional ‘human-touch’ with consistent handholding services with support and trainings to use the product at its full capacity, hence, giving the ability to learn and simplify your mundane HR processes as you grow the business.


Why SHRMpro Means the Best HR Software in India: Hear It From the Horse's Mouth

Prepare to be Future-Ready by Outgrowing Spreadsheets

As a modern organisation, you grow with time and so should your HR management processes. Automation is the key. Hence, SHRMpro! It is a cloud-based HR Software that quickly adapts to the employee management ecosystem and makes your HR management agile and efficient.

Retain Talent . Build a High-performing Workforce . Keep it Simple with Employee Experience First

Security and Compliance

Privacy, Security & GDPR Compliance
Custom Roles & Permissions
Audit Log
Audit Log


Dynamic Reports
Recruitment and Manager
Process Flow
Recruitment and Manager
Advanced Analytics & Reporting


MS 365 Integration
MS 365 Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Career Site
Assessment Integration Tools
BI Reports
BI Reports
Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
Electronic Signatures
Electronic Signatures
Job Portals
Job Portals
HRIS integrations
HRIS integrations


SAAS/Web Portal
SAAS/Web Portal
iOS & Android Mobile Apps
iOS & Android Mobile Apps

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Reliable. Scalable. Customizable

SHRMpro's HRMS software helps you zero in on the important aspects of HR while automating all the tasks you despise. Take advantage of our HR management software, which strives to help you save money, identify possibilities, and expand your organisation.

SHRMpro is a prominent Cloud-Based HR software provider with a mobile-first app. Its easy-to-use features will assist you from employee onboarding through exit. With the best HR management software in India, you can do anything in between and beyond.

With the best HRMS software in India, you can take advantage of Flexible Attendance & Leave policies, Automated Payroll & Statutory Compliance, and Performance & Recruitment Management. Begin your 30-day free trial journey and make the most of it with our HR software.


SHRMpro is not an outsourcing company; it is an HR software solution. But even if we don't supply HR personnel for you, we do give excellent solutions that let time-constrained HR specialists complete the tasks of many. SHRMpro may be used by a one-person HR department to evaluate people data, acquire talent, onboard new hires, manage payroll, and contribute to a stronger business culture. And that's only the start.

The HR software SHRMpro lets you accomplish big things by gathering and organising all the data you get during the employee life cycle. Whether you're recruiting, onboarding new employees, setting salary, or creating a company culture, SHRMpro offers you the time and knowledge to concentrate on your most valuable resource: your employees.

Implementing SHRMpro fully at your company often takes four to six weeks.

The majority of clients choose for our implementation service, which entails providing the relevant data, having an assigned implementation professional assist with its proper importation, walk you through the operation of the system, and get you up and running. The process of implementation typically takes four to six weeks, during which time you may anticipate having two calls per week that run between 30 minutes and an hour with your implementation professional.

Sensitive fields are secured at rest, and all data is encrypted in transit. Your data is protected at every level by us using a Zero Tolerance architecture, and we take many steps to make sure it stays that way. We take the following steps, among others, to guard against data breaches and unauthorised data access:

  • Multi-level defense-in-depth data security
  • Web application firewall analyses for vulnerabilities on a regular basis, etc.

It's simple to customise SHRMpro. Customers that purchase the Pro plan have access to customised access levels, email notifications, tabs, and fields, as well as business branding.

With digital pre-boarding packages, e-signatures, digital forms, cloud storage, and more, SHRMpro can help you get rid of paperwork.

SHRMpro is mostly an information management platform. We make it simple to gather, store, and analyse your employee data so you have the time and knowledge necessary to create a positive corporate culture.

Absolutely. Using peer feedback, goal tracking, and briefer, more frequent evaluations to promote action and reduce the burden of traditional performance reviews, SHRMpro Performance Management is an add-on feature that gets to the heart of effective performance management.

Your SHRMpro account can be terminated at any moment. Please be aware that we are unable to give full refunds if you decide to cancel. You won't be charged any more fees, and your account will stay active until the conclusion of the current billing cycle. You have not been charged and will not be charged if you terminated during your free trial.

SHRMpro is a flexible and expandable HR Management software. As a result, even as a start-up, you may use SHRMpro by just paying for the features that you really use. Later, you may add some of the other features to the system to improve functionality and make sure that it can expand with the expansion of your business.

Management of employee performance is an ongoing effort. In order to track an employee's performance, SHRMpro creates a thorough report that is impartial because it is generated automatically. Their efforts may then be fairly assessed and the appropriate awards can be given, guaranteeing that they maintain their performance.

You must begin assessing your needs and curating a list of them. Find the top HR management system on the market after you have a list. The best HRMS software, meanwhile, might not be the best HRMS for your company.

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