Claim and Reimbursement
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Claim and Reimbursement

Pending claims and bills keeping employees hyped-up for compensation? A long list of bills to be sorted yet? This is not an admiring sight for a well-organised office. SHRMpro offers the best foot forward to help HR managers and Admin heads to keep a close tab on all the employee expenses, allocates the budget, and clears the due claims and reimbursements.

SHRMpro ensures a streamlined Claims and Reimbursement system for all industries and organizations of mid to large sizes, giving impetus to a structural performance without any loop-holes.

Company and employee welfare is taken care of through simple measures!

  • Set limits in expense
  • Easy allocation of expense policies to employees
  • Expense claim form with user-friendly interface
  • Automate claim submission for easy reimbursement
  • Multi-level approval and notification
  • Full and final settlement report