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Training and Development

Improvement is important to responsible evolution vis. a vis. sustainable development. Keeping that in mind, many organizations provide internal and external trainings which are a great way for employees to learn while they earn. Facilitating these opportunities for sustainable development can be heavy task to achieve without any discrepancies. SHRMpro dedicatedly allows the HR teams and managers to create scope; arrange and manage the courses and trainings of all spans within the company.

SHRMpro provides a dedicated module for developmental and basic official trainings for employees of all levels allowing them to acquire skill set required for higher level of technical and business understanding.

The module allows the organization to identify the need for a training, schedule and monitor the same. It does so in accordance with the recruitment application of the organization’s HRMS. It sends alert notifications for new recruits to the mandatory trainings that company assigns to them including orientation sessions, induction meetings, etc. Trainings based on their experience and requirements can be organized and notified to the employee or the group of employees.

SHRMpro allows the HR to schedule for designation, department and branch based trainings in a more synchronized way than the conventional paper or email based notification thus simplifying the system. The module is equipped with feedback capturing from employees, trainers and managers. The feedback and other data curated from trainings are further used for employee performance profiling and eventually help HR department in employee appraisal.

Apart from integration with other HRMS modules, the information gathered is tamper-proof owing to its state-of-the-art designing at the very heart of the solution, making the data secure for future assessments. SHRMpro Training and Development module is a one touch, one-time solution for a major organizational need in the swiftly changing realities of the business world.

SHRMpro ensures a streamlined Training and Development management system for all industries and organizations of mid to large sizes, giving impetus to a structural performance without any loop-holes.

  • Defining Internal and External Training courses
  • Scheduling training sessions
  • Selecting and adding relevant employees
  • Track Employee Attendance
  • Feedback on training
  • Filter and create reports