An Eye Opener for HR Managers
  • By: Ankit Srivastava
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February 28, 2019

HRMS Solution regulates the entire process of data integration of the employees through technology and streamlines the same for easy access and communication. That helps when imparting information in real-time is the most important of processes that runs in an HR manager’s mind while managing huge groups of employees. Yet what most organizations lack is the way they communicate with each other within the company than how they fair outside to their audiences. In the corporate world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly paving its way up, it is imperative to use software to enhance the efficiency of the HR processes but streamlining the processes does not take full shape unless there’s a direct connection between the employees vis. a vis. the HR. This write-up aims at the realization that communication is one of the important things that gets aligned when an organization decides to adopt software for HRMS and that is what no one talks about.

 HR creates a culture of communication within the employees Automating workforce management, enables quick communication as an organic process, at least, this is how it should be. Companies work more efficiently in the presence of a hierarchical dynamic that is not limited to sending emails and marking attendance on biometric machines alone. Human Resources department here plays an integral role in bridging the implicit gaps between the management and the employees at a more distinct and targeted manner. HR is required to create a culture that harbors the need and the will to communicate in new ways. Alerts and notifications sent through HRMS Software ensure that one message is sent across selected verticals and the message has been received. It also allows HR managers and team leaders to set notifications for quick meets for briefings or one-on-one discussions. Approvals, discussions, short and long messages and intended information can be managed when HR managers utilizes HRMS with discretion. SHRMpro dons dedicated features which ensure correct communication takes place on virtual platform Employee Dashboard. Only super-admins, i.e. the HR manager is allowed to monitor the messages being sent and received and if they are being interpreted in the just way.

Communication is a two-way street

While HRMS Software allows the operators to send messages internally without discrepancies, it must also be ensured that the employees are actually heard. The give and take of information, messages and requirements are sent across tamper-proof. Human Resources department will fail in the absence of understanding the humans employed. feedback  

They’re always hungry for feedback

Every data available for employees’ eyes or a message sent in an organization is feedback-driven. This helps in appraised performance of the employees along with a heightened trust in the management and the HR. A sender always expects a response. HRMS Software allows that making necessary and conducive conditions for the receiver to engage in responding to the information.

How HRMS software allows social communication

Social media is a place that demystifies humans’ need to connect on various platforms and SHRMpro understands that. Therefore it allows the HR managers to connect with candidates on social media portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Creating a job pool for current requirements and company’s future references becomes far easy as an exercise with the help of HRMS Software like SHRMpro and thus enhances connectivity. Interestingly, HR managers and team leaders can also bring on board their teams and discuss both formally and casually about the nitty-gritties of specific projects. This also allows the HR to keep a tab of the employee wishlist and progress of the current project. SHRMpro offers both on-cloud and on-premise setups of HRMS Software that allows a more convenient group and personal conversation related to work moving beyond Google Hangouts or Whatsapp.

So says the expert

Expert quote   In conclusion, it is a necessity of the HRs in corporate culture today to utilize technology to stay as close and clear to the workforce that they manage and allow clarity to how things can be smoothened for better organizational management.

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