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October 9, 2018

With the advancement of technology, the HR team has so many things to do. They are not only constrained to calculate the attendance and salary of the staff at the end of the month. There is a lot more beyond which these people need to handle. So, the gist is to automate and simplify all the HR activities through cloud-based HRMS software so that they can manage all the tasks in the smartest way possible.

The HRMS cloud system is not only about putting all the data at a centralized place but also to automate different activities performed within an organization.

Cloud HRMS

Eminent advantages of HRMS Cloud Solution

  • Regardless of the company size, the HRMS cloud system is capable of holding tons of data without any limit.
  • With the cloud HRM software system, it is easy to save money and time. Moreover, all the data can be accessed at a single click.
  • Data on the cloud is utterly safe and there are fewer chances of the data breach. The reason is, you do not need to rely on physical devices for any sensitive information.
  • The best part of using the cloud HRMS software is that it can be easily accessible at any place from any device at any point in time.
  • Accessing data on cloud HRMS solution is the lot easier than maintaining physical files or frequent software updates. It tracks and manages every bit of information.
  • There are fewer complexities involved when dealing with the cloud HRMS that improves the overall efficiency of the system.

As advancement is running at a rapid pace, the companies need the best cloud-based HRMS that can handle all the complexities while reducing the manual efforts of the HR people. It must contain all the required features ranging from recruitment, leave, attendance, payroll, performance review, and expenses to full and final settlement. One such good example is SHRMpro, a complete cloud HRMS solution, that is capable of fulfilling all the features required for managing the system.

What SHRMpro Contains

As being a cloud-based HRMS system, there are multiple features (modules) in the SHRMpro solution. Each feature has some unique functionality to offer to the staff and ease the HR activities to some extent.

Below are some major features of SHRMpro HRMS cloud system

Recruitment– Online requisitions, candidate screening, interview, and final selection, onboarding

Leave management- Automatic notification and approval, quick to run leave application, detailed month-wise holiday list

Attendance management- Import/export of attendance, view attendance summary, easy integration with biometric systems

Payroll- Maker-checker concept, automated payslips, tax computation

Employee self-service- Intuitive interface for the employees to access their personal details

Performance review- N-level hierarchy, self-assessment, defining clear goals and objectives

Exit management- Workflow-based exit process, instant resign request notifications to the reporting hierarchy

If you want the right HRMS cloud solution, move to SHRMpro, powered by Sphinx Worldbiz Limited. It is the complete cloud HRM solution that automates and simplifies the HR tasks to reduce manual work and in turn, improves the efficiency of your business.

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