Attendance Management using HRMS

Attendance management isn’t about recording the ‘absent’ and ‘present’ of the employees. There’s a lot to it than meets the eye. Since attendance marking is an essential daily activity, it often gets unnoticed how much efforts and precision it takes to process payroll and map monthly performances and get it all done on time. Manually monitored attendance or done using any yesteryear practice like punch-ins or register entries makes the whole system redundant and certainly less efficient in the age of technology.

Managing attendance also means that you not only take care of the daily employee presence but also their leaves. And not to forget the timings, the entry and exit time, the number of breaks taken in-between to step out; this practice also helps in understanding the employee behavior and their approach towards work that directly affects their performance and in future, their appraisal.

Attendance management software automates the entire process where they integrate themselves with the bio-metric systems, the specific time or entry-day breaks-exit are captured, geo-location attendance is captured for the employees on out-duty and even those working from remote location is captured and the number of hours worked a day are also registered, thus automating and streamlining the entire processing of attendance without any additional resources put dedicatedly on this.

Modern attendance management solutions could come in as separate suites or as part of a comprehensive HRMS solution like SHRMpro which is easy to use, have ESS for employees to manage their attendance and can also raise tickets in case there are any discrepancies.

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