What is Employee Leave Management System?

Employee Leave management is one of the most regular yet most crucial of tasks for the HR department of any company. There are various types of allotted or stipulated leaves, some leaves are planned, some are unplanned, some could be medical leaves, some could be casual. All these leaves however need to be monitored for all the employees for proper functioning of the employee management.

Leave management system is a comprehensive system that allows the HR team to keep a track of all the leaves consumed by the employee(s) along with the supporting documents. Not only just absenteeism, leave management system when offered as an integral part of a wholesome HRMS solution like SHRMpro- it also broadens the horizon for integration with other HRMS systems such as Rosters, Attendance, Payroll, etc.

Productivity is yet another area which gets affected with shifting leaves consumed by employee every month. With the help of employee Leave Management system, organizations can keep a tab on all the employees faltering for loss of productivity and can process appropriate appraisal.

How employee leave management system benefits the HR/Admin teams:

  • Saves time with paperless functioning, avoiding excessive paper-work.
  • Eliminates manual labor.
  • All-in-one dashboard to support all leaves related information.
  • Statutory compliance friendly.
  • Monitor employees leave pattern.
  • Seamless integration with other HRMS processes.
  • Easy detailed report generation at the snap of the fingers.
  • Better communication owing to real-time information access.
  • Customization for required fields for data entry
  • Available both on-cloud and on-premise
  • Auto-update leave balance

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