How long does the Recruitment Process take?

How long does the Recruitment Process take?

Recruitment process for an organization is perhaps the most important of tasks towards sustainability. Just as right casting of actors make all the difference in a movie, similarly right recruitment of a candidate as an employee designated for a specific role brings all the difference in the team’s and the organization’s efficiency and output. Usually hiring process takes sometime, even weeks and months to recruit the best fit.

The Search Begins-
The process begins when a request is raised to the HR team about the vacancy or multiple vacancies and the JD and skill requirements are shared by the team managers. This is traditional method for recruitment and often takes longer time as obtaining the task, looking for candidates, screening and selecting them takes a lot of time. ‘A lot’ is a relative term depending on the urgency for hiring. Sometimes the need is urgent and sometimes the process can be taken slowly as the need is seen in near future.
Vacancies can also automatically invoke when an employee resigns and is serving the notice period. This generally takes place when the organization is supported with HRMS software which automates the entire HR management and makes the work really hassle-free and quick.

In case the position is open for in-experienced candidates or ‘freshers’, time taken for finalizing the selection generally takes less time but if the position is for experienced and skilled person, then it becomes obvious that time taken will be more, ranging from two weeks to even a month or two in extreme cases.

Approaching the candidates-
Once the request is raised, the HR teams begin their hunt for the candidates. Recruitment websites become the first resort these days along with direct search. This can take from a week to several weeks. Candidates keep coming in for interviews and they could either be rejected at once or could be kept on hold and put under the internal HR pool for listed candidates. After careful deliberations on set parameters a candidate is selected.

Modern HRMS solution such as like SHRMpro allows the HR teams to cut short their search process for relevant candidates and recruitment management is taken care of where just with a few simple clicks, where the system automatically approaches various recruitment portals that you have been integrated with along with social networking media platforms to allow you access to a massive pool of candidates meeting your criterion for various positions. This not only increases the turn around time but also saves costs on dedicated resources for placement.

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