Which is the best HR software in India with all statutory requirements?

Which is the best HR software in India with all statutory requirements?

What is Statutory Compliance?
Indian professional space and payroll system follow a regimen of government laid statutory framework and all employees and employers are required to adhere to them (just as other countries follow theirs). It is therefore important that Human Resource Management body also follows these rules. This minimizes risks of noncompliance and allows a better and proper functioning of an organization where employees feel secure in terms of meeting with any misconduct and any work code violation.

Why the compliance in HRMS?
Today’s competitive and legally driven corporate world can pose several challenges for HR team while they maintain the work decorum. HRMS software with compliance can help them recruit and manage employees in accordance with the government regulations.

Which is the best HR software with compliance and how?
SHRMpro offers all the standard, necessary and currently acceptable labor laws, rules and regulation based on the organization type to its users and makes their workings hassle-free. It is best because it’s designed keeping in mind different kinds of organizations and its employee structure in mind and what regulations apply to them. Following is the list of compliance areas offered by SHRMpro through automation in HR processes:

  • Minimum Wages
  • Equal remunerations
  • TDS deduction
  • ESI Fund And PF Deduction
  • Professional taxes
  • Gratuity
  • EDLI- Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme
  • Maternity benefits
  • Behavior towards women employees

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