What is SHRMpro?

SHRMpro is a Human Resource Management System Software which allows automation of all the HR processes by streamlining the functions in an automatic manner. The software is designed in such a way that the entire employee lifecycle- from ‘Hire-to-Retire’ can be monitored and managed through a highly simplified dashboard for the HR team, the managers and the employees.

It is a SaaS based model designed to facilitate functional ease to the Human Resources Team of enterprises across industries and organizations of all sizes. This product is available both on-cloud and on-premise setups and it works as a support system, aimed at seamlessly managing an entire gamut of workforce management processes which can be tedious to perform physically. It aggressively promotes a simplified work culture among the HR teams to operate in synchronization with user-friendly technology to obtain and manage information in real-time.

It carries out with ease and precision all necessary HR functions like recruitment, onboarding, leave and attendance, roster management, geo-location attendance, payroll, performance, appraisal, etc. Essentially SHRMpro is an employee-focused experience platform- the only HRMS software that understands and facilitates simplification in working for employees. Unlike traditional HRMS, SHRMpro is a modern, new generation platform aimed at user experience and enables easy solutions for complex HR problems in their workflow.


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