What are the steps in Recruitment Process?

Recruitment teams are always invested  in getting the best talent on-board. The process is a tedious one if not done right. The process consists of well-thought after and progressive sequential events carried out in order to select the best match candidate for the role while staying dedicated to the selection procedure. Following are the sequence of steps involved in recruitment process:

  • Recruitment Planning– Before the HR begins the candidate hunt, a proper request is raised in search for the candidate to fill a position. The request is raised with a set of requirements and prerequisites in a candidate. The major and minor job responsibilities are discussed, the skill-set and experience are fixed and next, the pay scale is decided.
  • Strategy Development– Preparing a job description and the candidate profile is a major step in strategizing what type of person is needed to fulfill the job requirements and where to look for them.
  • Searching– Finding the right match for the job and managing the application process consist of the searching process.
  • Screening– Choosing the best fit candidates and eliminating the rest in a very dispassionate manner as this is crucial for appropriation of selecting the top candidates with maximum qualifications and skill set required for the role.
  • Evaluation– Selecting candidates on the basis of their assessment after the HR round, written assessment (if any) and personal interview.
  • Control– The selected candidates are finalized with certain controls and checks prior to confirmation such as salary structure, stating if they opt for PF or any other benefits, finalizing their stipulated leaves, any special assignments, any time limits of their employment, etc.
  • Making the appointment– After careful considerations and selections, finalized candidate is hired by making and offer through an official document on the company letter-head aka the appointment letter of the offer letter. Some organizations provide the appointment letter on the day of joining also.
  • On-boarding beginning with induction– Once the recruitment is finalized, the candidate is welcomed to the organization with an induction meeting with the HR manager and this marks the success of the on-boarding process. Duties or training are then assigned.

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