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Why leave management is important?

Organizations can falter in productivity due to employees taking unplanned or just too many leaves. Although sudden issues can crop up with anyone, anytime but organizations have to keep a clear record of all the leaves taken by the employees in order to maintain proper working with constant efficiency month-by-month. Leave management is important because:

  • In business, time is money. Inconsistent leave policies through the organization often causes huge costs to the company.
  • Often unplanned leaves can lead to skipping deadlines and targets, and of course money.
  • Keeping employees bereft of their legal right to entitled paid leaves monthly/annually can also create ruckus later on.
  • Roster management, ad-hoc placements, guest participation, etc. can be arranged in time for emergency situations.
  • Employees need to plan their long leaves well in advance and having a streamlined, automated system to manage leaves and accommodate work situation in advance proves for a great work ethic and simplified work process in the organization.
  • When there is a proper channel; through which employees go for their application for leaves and can access their information independently, absenteeism is reduced and transparency increases manifold. So does productivity and employee self-awareness.
  • A major boost and in some cases, reality-check is given to the employees on their attendance and performance vis. their leaves account.
There are several such issues which can be completely avoided wherever necessary and completely taken care of with application of a smart leave management system like SHRMpro which also offers system integration for enhanced efficiency.

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